Monday, March 9, 2015

SOLSC March 9th - Morning Chore

Join me as I participate in the March Slice of Life Story Challenge. Other "Slicers" can be found among my students in the comments of my class blog. There are also several hundred teachers participating at

My flannel pajama pants are no match for the early morning cold and slippers with no socks isn't the best footwear choice either. My heavy grey sweatshirt, still new enough to feel extra fuzzy, should keep me warm enough though if I do this quickly. The sky is turning blue but the sun is still hiding over the horizon. I carefully navigate across the concrete patio and a few leftover icy patches. The grass of the lawn crunches with frost under my slippers. Halfway across the lawn, the ground goes from frozen solid to slightly springy. I know this line is from how far the shadow of the house is cast during the day and it's been retreating backwards for over a month now.

Upon reaching the far side of the yard, I unlock the latch on the chicken run, duck down and dump the container of chicken feed into their feeder. The noise brings a rustle and a couple of clucks from inside the coop. Exiting the run in an awkward crouch walk, I stand, relatch the gate and move over to open the coop door. It's actually tied up with a string that goes into the run to the top of the door. Untying the easy slip knot, I lower the door and the four chickens seem to be in a race to get out first. Before the door is all the way to the ground, two have run across it and headed to the feeder. The other two follow quickly and the excitedly peck and cluck at their breakfast.

I open the nesting box door and check for an egg. They tend to lay during the day but once in a while there is a morning egg, brown, or pink or green. I did not know that chickens tend to lay eggs the color of their feet. No egg today. If it's warmer, I might stay and have a soft chat or cluck with the four hens but today it's still cold and my pajama bottoms are definitely threadbare. I scurry back across the lawn to the back door of the garage, put away the food bowl and head inside for a warm shower.


  1. What a unique morning chore! I enjoyed your intro...gave a little mystery to the your task. You gave a great description of the coop. Did you find an egg?

  2. Your description on your threadbare flannel pajama bottoms and slippers crunching on the frosty grass has me feeling cold & rethinking the chicken coop I've always wanted...but maybe I could talk my hubby into the early morning, cold chore!! :)

  3. I actually remember the sounds from going out with my grandmother to feed the chickens. So soft their waking up, and then the clucks increase as food is spread. Love your descriptions from the chicks to your pjs Max.

  4. What a lovely zoomed in slice of your morning!