Monday, March 30, 2015

SOLSC March 30th - First Cast

Join me as I participate in the March Slice of Life Story Challenge. Other "Slicers" can be found among my students in the comments of my class blog. There are also several hundred teachers participating at

The creek's simple music played upon my soul as the sun, not yet hot but warm in the cool breeze, heated my back. Some of the first butterflies wafted by, highlighted against the traces of left over snow on the far bank; water ouzels flew low along the creek, chirping their distinctive cries.

I tied on an elk hair caddis, basically a bushy bundle of elk hair on a hook, in the hopes that this attractor pattern would bring a spotted brown trout to the surface. Brown trout, especially under twelve inches, like the ones that inhabit this section of Bear Creek, are so pretty with their yellow tinged bellies, dark tops, and yellow and red spots. They tend to be voracious, good fighters, and they are always a wonderful first fish of the season.
Learning to tie a fisherman's knot.
After attaching the red and white bobber, I stepped back and smiled. The first cast belonged to her.
First cast of the season!

The fisher people take a rest to enjoy the music of the day!


  1. I love how the photos give a different meaning to the story.

  2. I loved this story- a familiar topic, yet for me it had many unfamiliar details. I love the line "the first cast belonged to her"- so simple, but full of meaning. The photos are wonderful!

  3. So lovely Max, & I'm glad you captured it here to save for when Clara is older.