Monday, March 23, 2015

SOLSC March 23rd - Pick, Pick, Pick

Join me as I participate in the March Slice of Life Story Challenge. Other "Slicers" can be found among my students in the comments of my class blog. There are also several hundred teachers participating at

The other day, I noticed a thin splinter under my fingernail. It's narrow, dark and right up against the underside of the nail and doesn't (or at least didn't) hurt at all. I'm pretty sure I got it while cleaning the chicken coop on Saturday.

But just because it didn't hurt, doesn't mean I left it alone. Instead it's been pick, pick, pick, trying to lift it out with my other nails. I pull the skin away from the nail and see the tempting black dot that is the top of the splinter. I've scraped out a few hundredths of an inch so far but have been unable to gain a firm purchase. As the last couple of days have gone on, I'm picking at it a little more and now it's starting to get sore.

I know I should stop, but at this point, it's on my mind enough that I really want to grab a needle and do a little digging. Doing that would have certain satisfaction but I know it would cause more pain then letting it just work itself out like a lot of things do over time.

My one-track mind can get that way a little more than it should and I will keep after something long after I should have stopped. Backing off from doing more harm, just for the satisfaction of achieving my aims on my terms, is tough for a problem-solver liked me. But it's going to be hard to stay away from that needle.


  1. Oh boy. I was convicted reading this. What an amazing remind...

  2. Big lesson from something so small...

  3. Left alone, it will extricate itself

  4. I was cringing as I read this! But there is a great life lesson in this story. Thanks for sharing.