Tuesday, March 8, 2016

SOLSC #8 - A Place to Eat

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Introduction: Hello and welcome to my blog! This is the third year I have participated in the SOLSC and also the third year for my students as well! I teach students, ages 11-14, in a multi-age classroom at The Logan School for Creative Learning in Denver, CO. This year, I am hosting students from all three middle school classes and they are participating on a volunteer basis (with a few prizes thrown in for inspiration). I'm looking forward to being part of this amazing community again!

A Place to Eat

"I think she's going to starve when you're gone on your class trip," my wife exclaims.

I smile because my lap is where our five year-old daughter does most of her eating during dinner. It's her place to eat and and the silly games we play during the last parts of dinner account for a majority of her caloric intake at that meal.

Part way through the meal, or at least through mine, Clara gets down from her chair and leans against me. I pull her up into my lap and she lays back against my chest. I reach for whatever food is left over on her plate and pretend that I'm going to eat it, complete with appropriate yummy anticipation. She leans in front of me and intercepts the food with her own mouth, leaving me with the stem of a fresh spinach leaf, the nub of a pea pod, or an empty spoon.

Chewing nothing I exclaim,  "This food doesn't have much taste, in fact it tastes like air tonight!" She giggles through her actual chewing, preparing to gobble the next mouthful coming my way. One of the unofficial rules is I have to wait for the next bite until she's done chewing. In no time at all, her plate is clear of food, she is full and it's off to play for a few minutes before bath and bedtime.

I know this game started as a way for help her eat more food. But just like someone else's entree looks tastier at the restaurant, the food must look better when she can 'steal' it from me. At this point, she's probably too old for such shenanigans, but we both like the game and cuddle of it. It's just one of those silly daily moments that's a bit of habit. I know one evening, I'll realize we don't do that anymore. But that day is not upon us yet and I'm going to enjoy it while I can; especially if it helps her eat her greens.

photo credit: Fresh Fruits Plate via photopin (license)

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