Tuesday, March 29, 2016

SOLSC #29 - "Uh, Dad?"

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Introduction: Hello and welcome to my blog! This is the third year I have participated in the SOLSC and also the third year for my students as well! I teach students, ages 11-14, in a multi-age classroom at The Logan School for Creative Learning in Denver, CO. This year, I am hosting students from all three middle school classes and they are participating on a volunteer basis (with a few prizes thrown in for inspiration). I'm looking forward to being part of this amazing community again!

"Uh, Dad?" 

I open the door to the car and begin to slide in as my daughter opens the rear door next to me. Just as I hear her say, "Uh, Dad?" I realize something is off. As I sit in the seat, everything seems a little unfamiliar. We do have a rental car but things seem unfamiliar compared to even that. There are several CDs in the door pocket, the steering wheel seems different, and the seat under me is not quite a stiff as the Hyundai we've been driving.

"Dad! We're in the wrong car!"

Thank goodness for children! They snap reality into place quickly when adults are lost in their own world; thinking about how to drive "home" in an unfamiliar town and other such non-present thoughts. No wonder things seemed weird.

Guiltily I extricate myself from the car, make sure "Clara's" door is closed too and circle to the car in the next space. I am sure it is ours but I push the key fob to get the reassuring "Beep" before opening the door and sliding into the, somewhat familiar, seat of the rental.

"You're silly Daddy," comes from the back seat as I fumble, trying to put the key into the push button starter while I think about how to get back "home."


  1. Haha...that's funny! I'm surprised it was unlocked. Who leaves their car door unlocked anymore!?!

  2. I'm glad Clara saved the day! I've turned the key in more than one "familiar" car, & wondered why it didn't work. Hope you made it "home" all right.

  3. Ah yes, very embarrassing, it's good you have your daughter! I so know the feeling of wanting to get home, home as in a hotel or something. Good job!