Thursday, March 6, 2014

SOLSC 6 of 31 March 6, 2014 - Once Upon a Time

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Are there more magical and comforting words than Once upon a time? As a parent, it is so pleasing to watch my child, snuggle into a comfortable position, start to relax, and open her mind to the tales I'm about to bring forth from the book in front of us or my own imagination.

"You make up a story first Dad, then I will." Clara lay face down on the couch cushion, that previously had been the wall to a fort, and gazed at me expectantly.  

"What should I make up a story about?" I ask as I lay down on another former fort wall. 

"The princesses." She then proceeds to list six Disney princesses/heroines that often star in our stories. 

I begin to weave a tale about a picnic in the woods, a game of hide-and-seek, friendship and the fairy godmother who saves them from a poisoned apple. We count aloud with Cinderella and Snow White as the rest of the friends hide. Clara interjects once in a while with ideas about what should happen next. I offer that the apple can have a good or bad enchantment and let Clara decide the result. In the end everything works out well and I say, "The End."

During these stories, I often try to incorporate new experiences she's having, or even perhaps behavioral issues she is working on. She loves the Disney princesses, but I worry about the inherent lessons they can teach to girls. So I give them strong wills, confidence and the ability to do many things, regardless of their gender.  At times, they are mystery-solving members of a rock band. Or they may dig secret tunnels between their houses and meet up on rainy days without getting wet. They also go to dances, and put on make-up since she wants that to happen too.

In the end though, I just try to make the story flow, get some laughs from silly situations, and make the problems come out alright.

"Now you tell me a story Clara," as I secretly hit record on the digital voice recorder on the floor.

"OK. I'll tell about Winnie the Pooh and all his friends. Once upon a time..."

I snuggle into a comfortable position, relax, and open my mind to her tale.



  1. What a wonderful routine - and I love that you "update" those saccharine Disney princesses...good for you!

  2. Love hearing all about your read aloud and story-making, Max. And that you're doing as much as possible about those Disney princesses. Ingrid knows all about them too, guess they're discussed at school too. Thanks for a sweet slice!

  3. How very perfect, Max! I loved that you are recording these precious moments.

  4. Such a sweet post of precious moment. You and your daughter create double magic by combining read-aloud and story telling.