Friday, March 14, 2014

SOLSC 14 of 31 - Farewell

Join me this month as I write a slice of my life each day this March and join many others sharing slices at  My students will also be slicing this month and you can find links to their daily blogs HERE.  

Today is a hard day. A student in my class had her last day with us, and is moving on. I will miss her and there is nothing else to say but the few words below.

Hooded cape
Elvish smirk
Unabashed laugh
Grunt and jump
Fantasy reader
Story writer
On the brink
of Amazing!


  1. This sounds like it could have been my niece (it's not, but it could have been)...and I'm so appreciative of teachers who notice kids who are "on the brink", as you've put it perfectly!

  2. What a great collection of words for someone who seems to be a tremendous individual. It's hard to say goodbye to the kiddos. My school ended at the grade I taught, so my kids always left me every year.

  3. "Elvish smirk", and "On the brink of Amazing" some of my favorites. I can picture the personality in my mind. Left some awesome third graders at the end of last year, I was amazed by the writing they produced and think of them this year still. . .

  4. This. Is. Perfect.

    Beautifully written. I am hopeful that we will hear more from this student in the future. She is, indeed, on the brink of amazing. Your work with her was extraordinary.

  5. I know it was a tough day to say goodbye, Max. You showed such grace in this beautiful description of your student. We all wish her well!

  6. That was perfect, Max. Of all moments of the farewell, this is the one that made me cry.