Sunday, March 23, 2014

SOLSC 24 of 31 - What I Want to Write

Join me this month as I write a slice of my life each day this March and join many others sharing slices at  My 6-8th grade students are also be slicing this month and you can find links to their daily blogs HERE.

"I don't know what to write," I lament to my wife, who is also participating in the SOLSC.

But that's not really true. I know what I want to write. I've been teaching writing to my students for almost seven years and all that time of working to inspire others and trying to write alongside them has given me the following list:

A children's book, perhaps using poetry and doing my own illustrations. Even more fun, writing children's books each year with my students and having them illustrate them.

Educational articles on the teaching methods at my school, The Logan School for Creative Learning. Articles about independent units, a culture of respect, gifted education, traveling with students, experiential education, real choice and freedom, conferences instead of grades, and plenty of other stuff. Articles that reference and are referenced. Articles that could be developed into presentations to spread the word, to free the teachers, and their students, from the current system that does not honor the profession or the child. *Note* I said "the system" because I have never been to a school without seeing the amazing passion and hard work of the staff and the incredible potential of the students there.

Poems, Poems, Poems.
I want to cut descriptions to the bone
Play with rhythm, rhyme and tone
Haikus, Odes and Irish curses
As my pages fill with verses.

An article for the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association) magazine about running a tournament for women. I don't run the great women's tournament that happens here in Colorado, but someone should write about it with full page glossy pictures and player interviews.

A book of memoirs. I don't know if I'm brave enough to really write the honesty about the things in my life, including the people in them, but I'd like to think I could. All the "good stuff" is very personal and I struggle to not put a positive spin on everything that's so close to my heart.

There is a book about education to write but I don't know what it is. I thought I did once but it could be being written right now at my school. Maybe related to the articles from above. Maybe I need to experience more within education? Maybe I need to start a school, have it succeed or fail, before I can really do it well?

A well conceived and received blog, almost ranting about an issue close to me that "goes viral" and helps convince people of the correct viewpoint; mine of course.

A business plan for a new business or non-profit organization I start.

A song...or the words to a song and someone else can come up with the tune, since that's not a skill in my bag of tricks yet.

There is a great short story to be written by me. Maybe more. I'm too uneducated as a "real writer" to do it, but perhaps inspiration or perspiration will strike just right, along with the right editor. I love fly fishing and the fly fishing magazine I subscribe to has a yearly fiction contest. I should enter one day...

I don't know how to write all these things, much less get them published. But writing and sharing my blog these past nine months has brought this variety of ideas full term.

I want to write...

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  1. I was just reading through posts wondering, looking for inspiration. You are so full of possibilities here. I wonder what road you will venture down. Slicing offers so many opportunities to try out something brewing. Here's to the next seven days. Still looking for my slice. Thanks for sharing your writing dreams.

  2. There is so much bubbling away in your mind Max. That's exciting. I tell teachers and the young writers in their care, only write about the things you care about, the things closest to your heart. You appear to have an array of possibilities here. As you continue to write, the one thing you most want to write will step up and present itself. That's a moment to savor!
    I enjoyed your slice. I have been there too, and continue to be visited by such delicious choices.

  3. "A well conceived and received blog, almost ranting about an issue close to me that "goes viral" and helps convince people of the correct viewpoint; mine of course." Yes, of course. My son and I have decided that it must include 10 points or 25 reasons...and then it will go viral.

  4. Wow you have a lot to write about. I have just pressed follow on your blog so I can be a part of your writing journey. I am excited to see what you write first :D
    You can do it!

  5. It's a beautiful piece of writing that may be good to print & hang by your desk, Max, for inspiration extraordinaire! It makes me excited all over again! Best wishes in finding that one thing that inspires first!

  6. Well, there you go - the march Challenge has opened up you writing pathways, so you'll just have to keep this momentum going, Max.

  7. It's almost like you wrote what is in my head (and heart) best of luck. I'll bet you can do it...I hope I may be able to too!