Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Cat Lap - Slice of Life 12-9-15

As my middle school students start to write some Slices of Life, I had better get my blog going as well.

During the winter months, my cat seeks out lap-warmth whenever I sit down the couch. Oh, she is relatively affectionate during other times but once the furnace has to kick on and a blanket is on my lap, it is usually a matter of seconds before fur-padded feet make a beeline for me.

With a meow, a circle, and a show of an upraised tail (usually from the backside, thanks cat) she snuggles into my lap. Petting is acknowledged with an upraised chin and purrs, so long as I don't rub her belly. Every fifteen minutes or so, she will roll over or turn around to put a cold part up against my legs or request some extra attention. It's cozy, comfortable and I feel only a little less guilty of getting up and disturbing her peace then I did when my daughter would fall asleep on my lap as a baby and I would avoid getting up for all but dire emergencies. It's not uncommon for my wife or I to excuse ourselves from the work of the moment or to ask a favor because, "I have cat lap." That explains it all for the other.

Below: a picture of daughter-cat-lap as we all cuddled and watched Doc McStuffins last weekend.


  1. Nice description! That's a cute picture

  2. My cat does that too! That's a cool picture!

  3. My cat does that too! That's a cool picture!

  4. Cute cute picture. Love the phrase cat-lap. Sounds like a sickness--I can't get up, I have cat-lap!