Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall Musings October 21, 2014

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Today I am submitting a couple of poems written last week. The first, Idle Autumn, I wrote drafts of with my class while we sat outside on a warm autumn afternoon writing about fall. It went through several revisions and was completed on a plane ride to a wedding in South Carolina. The second, Cirrus Mist, was inspired by watching the sun rise on that same plane flight. I think they could both use some work, but I like them well enough for now. Cheers!

Idle Autumn
I may not cut the grass again
Although it’s predominantly green.
The garden’s skeletal stalks droop
After the best harvest I’ve ever seen.

Leaves garnish the tress in the yard
But enough swirl around to rake.
What chores remain outstanding

At winter’s first snowflake?

Cirrus Mist
The cirrus mist at 36,000 feet
Glows red
Then orange
Inviting me to drag my feet
And create swirling eddies as we pass by.

The grid of squares and circles far below
Is a patchwork quilt of muted color,
Waiting for the sun
To break the fall chill.

Sunlight streams through the window
Warming my chest.

Taken from my seat on the plane!


  1. That picture is amazing Max. What a view! Love the poems, 'garnish the trees', & 'inviting me to drag my feet'.

  2. Cirrus Mist really held my attention - how marvelous that you were able to capture that feeling of being aboard a plane, over the landscape, a part of it and yet not.

  3. Beautiful poems! I love that you went outside and let the inspiration of the world around you help you write about nature. Just fabulous.