Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April is National Poetry Month - "Wait Five Minutes"

April is National Poetry Month. After successfully completing the March Slice of Life Challenge, I am going to try and write and post poetry often this month. I will have to figure out where to link up to share beyond Facebook, but I figure it's more about the writing than the page views at this point.  Here is my first April Poem, inspired after two days of playing in Summit County, Colorado with my family.

Wait Five Minutes  by Max Maclay

Jackets on,
Flakes swirl
In large catchable numbers.
They do not stick

Jackets off,
Sun shines
Icicles drip
Rivers are born.

Clouds drift in and out,
April in the high country.

Sledding with Clara in the sun and snowflakes

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  1. Nice, and apparently, April down here on the flat, too! Good moisture, though!