Monday, June 17, 2013

It’s Monday! What are you reading?

Since it’s summertime, I have some time to do some reading!  Yay.  Here’s what’s on my bedside table right now.

Currently reading: A Mango Shaped Space by Wendy Mass.  This is book my wife and I are reading aloud.  I’m also reading it because so many of my students have loved this book.  It’s going slowly but we are enjoying it very much before one of us falls asleep while the other reads.  It’s a great young adult book about a young girl who sees colors and shapes associated with sounds.  Each letter and word also has it’s own color.  This makes for some real challenges for her in school, especially with math and languages since the colors don’t match up the way she’s used to.  While this condition is the basis for the story, other themes explored include friendship, budding relationships, death of a family member, and stepping out into the world.  I can already tell this would be a good book group book.

Just starting: Edly’s Music Theory for Practical People by Ed Roseman.  I started the harmonica in January because I thought it’d be fun and it travels easily.  My hope is to play it on trips with my class around campfires and such.  I’ve decided I need to know a little more about music and several people recommended this book in the harmonica forums I frequent, even though it’s not harmonica specific.  While I’ve only read the start, it’s written in a casual style and encourages experimenting with music and skipping what’s not relevant to the reader.  I have had several students study songwriting or music over the years and knowing a little more as their teacher will be helpful.  Also, it looks like it may be a good reference for them.

Just starting: To Shield the Queen by Fiona Buckley.  Saw my Dad yesterday for Father’s Day and he recommended it.  He and his wife are enjoying the series.  I plan to start it tonight.  While it may be a little old for my middle school students, I have many who love the time period and if it’s good, this may be a piece of historical fiction they can read.

Reading a three to five times a week: The House on Pooh Corner by A. A. Milne.  My daughter is almost three and while we read several different books during the week before nap and bedtime, she keeps coming back to this one.  She loves the stories of the various animals and how they relate to one another.  She will often lie on the floor and listen, getting up each time I turn the page to look at the pictures.

Just finished: Black List by Brad Thor.  This was a fun “airplane book,” great for starting my relaxing summer reading.  Not a lot of content or deep thoughts, but an exciting thriller and fast read for people who enjoy reading about Special Ops.  This book follows former US Special Ops characters as they work for a private business to save the United States from terrorism threats.  This book does investigate privacy and just how much information can be gleaned about each person, by his or her phone records, Internet searches, and even utility bills.  Beyond a young adult book, but it may be interesting for students of mine studying privacy or special forces in the military.

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  1. All sounds good, Max! A Mango-Shaped Space was such an important book to George W-S. He thought he was the only one who saw those colors! Thanks for beginning! I'll be in touch later!